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Gazumped.  The word no real estate agent or buyer wants to hear.  However, in the current real estate market where there are more buyers than sellers, gazumping is going to occur more often than not UNLESS you’re the real estate agent who knows how to exchange a contract for your buyer and vendor.

This brief video has been made to help real estate agents to confidently exchange contracts and to help clients understand what they are doing.

Please remember, if the client does NOT understand what they are signing, do not do it.

We also have a thorough checklist to help guide you through the...

What is an Easement?

When looking at plans in a contract or speaking with your conveyancer, you may notice on the plan or hear the word “easements” mentioned.  Let me explain what an easement on a property is.

Unto death do us part, or maybe not?

Whilst a former divorced spouse is an eligible person in NSW to make a family provision claim against the estate of a deceased spouse (section 57 Succession Act 2006), generally speaking such claims...

When Do I Pick Up The Keys?

Buying a new home is an exciting time and as soon as it settles, most clients just want to move in. But when can you receive the keys?