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When the romantic relationship between parents breaks down, parental alienation is sometimes used as an unfair tactic to harm one parent's relationship with their children. There are remedies available to rectify the situation, and it helps to educate yourself on what the processes are.

What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation takes place when one parent sets out to purposefully denigrate the other one. They may convince the child that the other parent is a bad person and discourage them from spending time with them.

The aim of parental alienation is to destroy one parent's bond with...

The Better Living Report - Episode 2

In this months episode of the Better Living Report, we talk to Lachlan Anderson from Discover Wealth  about the role financial advisers can play in the settlement process.

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Is domestic violence only physical?

When many people think of domestic violence, their mind immediately goes to the Hollywood stereotype of a brutish man being violent towards his wife. Although physical violence is the biggest...