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Despite Covid-19 negatively impacting property prices across most of the country, industry data shows that Regional NSW has been one of the strongest-performing areas of the housing market in these turbulent times.

With the media tending to focus on the problems in the big cities, it's important for property investors in Newcastle and the rest of Regional NSW to understand that local markets are performing comparatively strong.

CoreLogic data from the end of June shows that, although property values have dropped across much of the country, Regional NSW is one of the few spots to have...

Understanding Transfer Duty in NSW

Transfer duty, commonly known as stamp duty, is one of the biggest upfront costs when buying a property and it has been known to catch many buyers out when they don’t factor transfer duty into the...

Current Laws Governing Retirement Villages

Australia has an aging population, which is causing retirement village popularity to skyrocket. Because of this, it's essential that the law keeps up with the market demand and the changing...

Downsizing Dos and Don'ts

There comes a time in many people's lives when they look to move from their family home into a smaller, more manageable property.