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Although Christmas is meant to be a relaxing time, the festive season has its own unique stresses. If you're not sure how to cope, here are some tips to help you stay calm and healthy over the holidays.

Why Christmas causes stress

Whether you are struggling for cash or you are worried about who you are spending the holidays with, Christmas can be a trying time. We get stressed around this time because:

  • Existing family tensions often get worse
  • Feelings of loneliness can increase
  • There's pressure to buy presents we perhaps can't afford

Whatever the reasons, there are a few things everyone...

Care and protection matters: what are my rights?

If the state believes that a parent is not able to properly care for a child at this time, they may take the child away. This is a very distressing and confusing time, and you might not know where...

Separation and Divorce Mediation Checklist

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How do Separation and Divorce affect my Will?

If you and your partner are considering separating or going through a divorce, it is important to know how this affects your will. Major changes in your life can have an automatic bearing on the...