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Conveyancing, or the legal process of transferring real estate, comes with a lot of technical jargon, which you may not be familiar with. This can make what's already a stressful process seem especially confusing. We want to help make sure buying your new home goes as smoothly as possible–here's a breakdown of common terminology you should know. 

Acceptance: When you agree to an offer made. 

Adjustments: How property outgoings are split between the buyer and seller so that each party only pays for outgoings related to when they were in possession of the property. 

Caveat: A warning or alert...

5 Tips for Happy Downsizing

When your kids fly the nest and you're ready to downsize, it's natural to feel a sense of hesitation. Attachment to your old property aside, knowing a little more about the benefits of downsizing...

Tips for Buying your First Home

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, particularly if you are a first time home buyer. From deciding what you are looking for in a property to securing that...

An Integrated Competitive Edge

Four states across Australia have released transformation timelines to transition to online settlements, but what is the property industry doing to prepare?

How To Exchange Contracts of Sale In NSW

Gazumped.  The word no real estate agent or buyer wants to hear.  However, in the current real estate market where there are more buyers than sellers, gazumping is going to occur more often than...

What is an Easement?

When looking at plans in a contract or speaking with your conveyancer, you may notice on the plan or hear the word “easements” mentioned.  Let me explain what an easement on a property is.