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When you and your partner decide to divorce or separate, the decision affects every member of your family. It is a distressing time for all of you – and children may find it hard to understand. While you can't avoid your child experiencing some sadness, there are steps you can take to make the...

Children and Divorce – What you need to know about your Rights

Separation and divorce is traumatic for both you and your family. As a parent, it is natural to worry about how your children will be affected - particularly once you and your partner begin living...

Your Children and Divorce - Keeping Separation Amicable

Divorce can be amicable with the right help on your side. 

Hiring a Local Lawyer Versus a Big City Firm

There are a number of benefits to choosing to work with a local law firm that is close to home and familiar with the community you live in. In this article, we discuss with one of our senior...

What Does "Parenting" and "Property" mean?

Parenting and property issues are dealt with by the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, under the Family Law Act, 1975.

The Early Stages of Separation: What a Lawyer Can Do to Help

The process of separating from your partner can be an extremely emotional time for all parties involved. Whether you are beginning to consider separating from your partner, or you have been...

Warning: Applying for a Divorce Online and Self Representation

It might seem like an easier and cheaper solution to consider representing yourself and applying for a divorce online, but could it cost you more in the long run? We spoke with one of our senior...

How to Begin the Divorce Process

We understand that considering filing for divorce comes with a number of questions and concerns. How long do I need to wait before I can file? How long does the process take? One of our senior...

Divorce & Children: Common Questions & Concerns Answered

There’s no doubt that divorce can be further complicated when there are children in the picture. Below is an interview conducted with one of our senior lawyers on some of the most common questions...

Unto death do us part, or maybe not?

Whilst a former divorced spouse is an eligible person in NSW to make a family provision claim against the estate of a deceased spouse (section 57 Succession Act 2006), generally speaking such...

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  • Separation and Divorce: Putting your Children First

    Separation and Divorce: Putting your Children First

    Going separation or divorce with children and like some practical advice on how to work towards the best outcome?


    Inside we'll look into and give tips on all stages of a separation:

    • The initial decision to separate
    • Moving out, and on
    • Settling into a new family life
    • When it all gets too much

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